Amy is a writer and believer coaching believers how to faithfully walk towards the Lord. 




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Understanding our stories opens the door to an intentional relationship with both Jesus and the body of Christ. Let's learn how to break our stories down, then go and tell the world.

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Fall of 2015 Jesus met me on a very dark road. Having left for college ready to rebel, experience, and live I found myself lost at the bottom of bottles and wandering out of beds I didn’t belong. This kind of vulnerable truth and these kinds of beautiful transformation stories are what you will find here.

We are sinners desperately in need of Jesus every day- but never, ever too far gone for Him.
This platform is here to teach and coach believers who feel stuck in their faith, not sure how to stand firm within their stories and take the next step in their faithful walk. We are called to be witnesses (Isaiah 43:10), living and proclaiming the good news of the gospel in everything we do - let's encourage one another to do so.

Hello friend! I'm Amy: a hiker, writer, speaker, book lover, wife, dog owner, and fervently on mission.

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+ Breakdown your own testimony
+ How to host a testimony night, small-scale and large-scale
+ How to invite and love the lost

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"Rock bottom has a basement- and Jesus is there too."

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Jesus met me as a pharisee, and set this captive free


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jesus met me when i thought i already knew him


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— Kristen

I enjoyed how Bible-based the teachings were and always came away feeling like I had learned something new and spent time with someone who really knows the Lord. It has encouraged me that this season of online community isn't a be all end all, or something to be discouraged about. For now, I will work on deepening my faith by reading my Bible thoughtfully and prayerfully each day. I have let go of shame and doubt and am more fully living the season of life that God has me in.

"I am now confident in my relationship with Christ, and know for certain that shame does not have a hold over me."

— karli

This program helped me take a look back to see where God has taken me. It helped me establish some fears in my life, where I may struggle with shame, and how to live with a filter of the gospel. Eternity was made large and the here and now was made important, but small. This program is for the new believer and the seasoned. 

"My life was put in to perspective."

— jess

You certainly pulled me closer to understanding my own story. Long story short I have been able to share my story fearlessly to others, not just friends but to new people in my life, a sports coach, a colleague, a not so close friend. Shaking off the shame that comes with it has allowed me to testify of God transformation in my life. and I just think Wow, I get to share this story all my life, its power will never change, and it is ever growing.

"I didn't expect your story to be so raw...It helped me feel a little bit more normal..."

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Understand and dissect your testimony + help your community do it too!

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