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Do/Are you...

feel as though you are stuck in between salvation and living out your faith?

not sure how to move on from your past?

not sure how to have a relationship with jesus?

feel insecure in your faith?

Do you desire...

to love jesus more intimately

to understand what being a believer means

to discover the details of your christ-identity

to build a confidence within your faith

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4 session program

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Session 3 shows you a way of preparation against the flesh and the enemy. Understanding certain biblical truths that allow you to filter your mind for refinement. 


session 3

Session 2 walks us through the biggest fears we face as we step away from our sinful self and onward towards the cross. It helps us correlate what we revealed in session 1 with the shattering of lies we often face as believers. 


session 2

Session 1 begins with breaking down our testimonies. In other words- understanding the differences between who we are without Christ and with. We begin dissecting questions like "why Jesus," and what the meanings are behind the details that are revealed throughout the session.


session 1

How to build the foundation:

The last session is where we grasp what we learned in the previous sessions and learn how to take those next steps. By going through the book of Colossians we talk about our call to follow the Lord and what that means for our daily life. 

session 4




A long with the 4 full training sessions, you will also have TWO bonus 1:1 coaching sessions with myself, throughout the program. You'll have the opportunity to personally dive in to questions and topics as you're learning how to make those next steps in your walk with God.

what others have walked away with

— kristen

I know for certain that shame does not have a hold over me. That faith has legs and needs to be walked out with Jesus. That repentance and grace are truly important.

"I am now confident in my relationship with Christ.."

— jess

I wasn't expecting to hear how deep in the dirt someone else was. It helped me realize more and more how deep Jesus will go for us. 

"i feel less like an outsider"

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Involvement in oversight of church ministries

Church Operations Manager

Children's Ministry Director

There are really two reasons why I feel qualified to run this program: God called me to make disciples and I have been there. This program was built off of what I would have wanted back in 2015 to help me understand how to live out my faith. Since then, I have been gifted a few opportunities to further my knowledge and comprehension- 

Since Fall of 2015 I have been running after God, trying to understand and develop biblical frameworks to help live my life for Him. From that passion- this program was created.

writer and coach

why trust me?


What to expect

4 Full Sessions

Two 1:1
Coaching Sessions

Printable Worksheets

Bonus Content





18 Videos walking you through the concept of building a biblical foundation. Something that helps you take those next steps after salvation. 

Two live, 1:1, 30 minute coaching sessions to really dive in to your questions, struggles, praises, etc. 

Printable worksheets that guide you through all the videos/sessions. This is the bread and butter of the program, where you dissect your thoughts and emotions.

You'll get a bonus study over the entire book of Colossians (which includes a full commentary), a bonus list of my go-to biblical resources, and a practical session summary after our coaching calls.

can't wait to walk this out with you!


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